アコギでジブリ曲を色々演奏してみた 3 5 (Ghibli Songs on Acoustic Guitars Pt

アコギでジブリ曲を色々演奏してみた 3 5 (Ghibli Songs on Acoustic Guitars Pt. 3 5)

Avatar: The Legend of Miranda is an adventure romantic business-drama action fanon story written by ShizukuTsukishima, set in the Avatar universe as a sequel series to Avatar: The Legend of Korra. The story starts seventy years after the end of the Avatar: The Legend of Korra story arc with brand new characters and settings.

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The year is 244 AG, and the world is at its most peaceful. Avatar Miranda finds herself in the city of Gaoling in the Rock Region in the Earth Kingdom, living a relaxed life with family and friends. Not wishing to be the Avatar, Miranda does not want her life to be any other way. However, she soon discovers something threatening not only the Earth Kingdom, but all the benders of the world. The story follows Miranda while she searches to save the world from multiple threats, and she has to learn how to separate the fact that she is the Avatar, and an independent person at the same time.

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Characters Edit

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  • Miranda – the Avatar born after Korra died. She is a seventeen-year-old Fully Realized earthbender Avatar from Gaoling.
  • Willy – Miranda's younger brother. He is a firebender.
  • Myrdin – Miranda's youngest brother.
  • Dandelion – Miranda's best friend. She is a seventeen-year-old earthbender from Gaoling.
  • Ming – Miranda's animal companion, a blue jay. Miranda is the only person in the world who understand what Ming is saying.
  • Lady Li-Hua – an evil lady who wants to become the new Earth Queen. She is the sister of the current Earth Queen.
  • Pei Qi – Lady Li-Hua's assistant. He is a firebender.
  • Huang-Gi – a firebender who lives in the Foggy Swamp. She used to work for Lady Li-Hua, but she is also an old ally of the Earth Guardians.
  • Nora – a girl who lives in Laogai Village; she's a friend of Zing Dang's.
  • Zing Dang – leader of the Laogai Village.
  • Mir – Miranda's father. He is an earthbender and a businessman.
  • William – the Earth Kingdom's highest ranked general.
  • Mike – works as a piccolo at the Agrarian Park Hotel.
  • Sun and Moon – twins, kids of Pablo and Jen. Sun is a female firebender, and Moon is a male non bender.
  • Wilbert – William's son.
  • Mei – Nora's daughter and the ex-girlfriend of Wilbert. She is a waterbender.
  • Min – the daughter of Zing Dang and Huang-Gi. She is a firebender.
  • Pablo – Miranda's son, and the father of Sun and Moon. He is an earthbender.
  • Jen – Pablo's wife and the mother of Sun and Moon. She is a firebender, and she lives on Ember Island with her husband, while her kids are staying in the Earth Kingdom.
  • Nini – the ex-wife of Willy and the mother of Mir Jr.
  • Mir Jr. – the son of Willy and Nini who is currently studying in Republic City. He is an earthbender.
  • Peony – the daughter of Willy and Dandelion. She is a firebender who currently lives in the Fire Nation, going to the Royal Fire Academy for Girls.
  • Rose – the cousin of Miranda, Willy, and Myrdin. She lives in the Fire Nation, running a restaurant.

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Book One: Start (開始) Edit

Book Two: Disease (疾病) Edit

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Book One: Start (開始)
Prologue: A New Beginning - Chapter 1: Home Sweet Gaoling - Chapter 2: Smoke and Darkness - Chapter 3: The Friends You Haven't Met - Chapter 4: Journey to the Foggy Swamp - Chapter 5: The Union Point - Chapter 6: Return to Gaoling - Chapter 7: The Laogai Village - Chapter 8: The Oracle of Laogai - Chapter 9: The Spiritbender - Chapter 10: A Missed Friend - Chapter 11: Tyro's Apprentice - Chapter 12: Back in the City - Chapter 13: The Young Masters - Chapter 14: The Big Day - Chapter 15: The Showdown of Ba Sing Se - Epilogue: The Agrarian Park
Book Two: Disease (疾病)

Prologue: The Chosen One - Chapter 1: The Shocking Truth - Chapter 2: New Projects - Chapter 3: Double Date - Chapter 4: Busted - Chapter 5: Family Drama - Chapter 6: Preparations - Chapter 7: The Auction

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